WSAPC Inclusion Team provide a service to support young people in mainstream schools who are identified as being at risk of exclusion. Schools are encouraged to refer to the team as part of a proactive and integrated method of supporting young people.

Upon the acceptance of a referral to WSAPC Inclusion Team, we are able to consider providing the following support:

Discussion with school representative
• Discussion with student
• Discussion with parent/carers
• Discussion with other agencies involved
• Completion of appropriate assessments and observations
• Completion of an Inclusion Strategy Plan
• Outreach, which could include
• Progress support from an Inclusion Advisor
• Outreach support from a Teaching Assistant
• Group outreach led by Teaching Assistants/Inclusion Advisor
• Staff training

The WSAPC Inclusion Team consists of skilled individuals with teaching backgrounds as well as experienced teaching assistants. We employ the following approaches:

Child centred – considering the best interests of the young person.
• Holistic – considering the big picture including the young person, the school, the home and any other factors that could be impacting on behaviour or creating barriers to learning.
• Restorative – techniques to positively develop and restore relationships.
• Team Teach –techniques to diffuse and de-escalate behaviour. Positive handling is used as a last resort to maintain safety.

Support from the WSAPC Inclusion Team can be accessed via the following routes:

Children and Young Peoples Planning Forums
• West Sussex Alternative Learning Team
• Direct contact with the WSAPC Inclusion Team Coordinator