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More on Adverse Weather ….

Please follow the links below to the recent letter to parents, which gives further information regarding our adverse weather procedures. You can also access the enclosures here.

Letter to parents_carers re adverse weather policy

Parentmail letter

Parentmail form

Adverse Weather

In the light of recent weather conditions we have published our Adverse Weather Policy. You can view this by going to the Information tab and clicking on ‘Policies and Procedures’. Details are also available under the Parents tab.

Personal Accident to Pupil Policy

It is a common misconception that students in our schools would be automatically covered by the Council’s insurances should they be injured in an accident whilst at school.   Unfortunately the Council can only consider a claim of this nature if it has been negligent in some way.   For example if a student tripped over their shoe laces and fell down the stairs suffering a severe injury, they could not successfully claim against the Council.  If however, the tread or coverings on the stairwells were faulty, there may have been negligence on the part of the Council and a claim could be successful.

The policy is optional and available to parents or guardians of children aged between 3 and 19 attending any school, further education or sixth form college in West Sussex.  Although the policy is individual to each child, it is a block policy which runs from the 1st September 2014 to 31st August 2015.  If payment is received later than the 1st September, the cover will only commence from the date of payment.   Benefits are offered under a continental scale of compensation, the maximum benefit being £100,000.   The premium for this policy is currently £15 per child per annum.

Should you wish to take advantage of this insurance cover, please complete the application form below and submit it to West Sussex County Council.

Personal Accident to Pupil Insurance Policy Application Form 2014-15


Autumn Term News

Christmas photoIt’s been another busy term at WSAPC. Read the latest newsletters here.

WSAPC Crawley Newsletter Autumn 2014

Lancing Branch Newsletter Autumn2 2014

Educational Needs (SEN) Code of Practice

From September 2014 the Government has made changes to the law for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).
The Government hopes that these reforms will give parents / carers, children and young people with SEND better and more flexible support, increase their participation in making decisions about their education and help them secure better life outcomes.

The Code of Practice requires schools to keep clear records of the special educational needs an individual child or young person has, the provision put into place to support them and the outcomes expected to be achieved. This provision needs to be reviewed at least termly, through a cycle of:

Assess – the child or young person’s needs.

Plan – what provision is needed and what outcome should be achieved.

Do – Put the provision in place.

Review – what difference is it making towards outcomes?

If this cycle is not effective in improving a child or young person’s learning outcomes then WSAPC, in consultation with parents / carers, might consider requesting that the local authority carries out a statutory assessment of their needs. Statements of Special Educational Needs (SSENs) are being phased out and replaced with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs).

‘School Action Plus’ has been replaced by the term ‘SEN support’.
All pupils with West Sussex Alternative Provision College are registered as ‘SEN Support’, unless they have SSENs or EHCPs
West Sussex County Council has published a ‘Local Offer’ which lists the support and services you and your child can access under the new system.
WSAPC Local Offer is on the school website in the information section under the heading Local Offer.
If you have any further questions please ask.

Special educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) North / South September 2014

A Governor comes to lunch!

Governor's visit‘I had been invited to lunch on Monday 24th November at Crawley APC, which I enjoyed. There were two hot main courses, one being a veggie option, and a pudding of apple crumble and custard. There was milk or water to drink. I believe there were around fifteen students and staff. The ones I spoke to thought it was well done. Quite a few students were going up for seconds, which is always a good sign that the lunch was tasty.’
Mary Fry, Governor

Ebola Virus Advice

The Department for Education has issued advice regarding the Ebola virus in conjunction with Public Health England. Please go to the following link-

Ebola Virus – Advice for Schools, Colleges, Childcare and Residential Settings

Exam Results Encouraging at West Sussex APC

This year’s examination results show an improving trend and are extremely encouraging given that this is the first year West Sussex Alternative Provision College has been in operation. They come on the back of the recent Ofsted inspection which rated us as good, and provide a firm basis for future improvement. We will continue to strive to achieve the best outcomes for our pupils and our desire to raise examination results year on year is an integral part of our strategy for improvement at the College.
As our aim is to reintegrate students to their mainstream schools, we will be developing strategies to collect information about the results they achieve once they have left us in order to demonstrate the impact that the College has had.
Percentage of Pupils Achieving in All subjects
Exam results table 1.docx
Percentage of Pupils Achieving in English, Mathematics and ScienceExam results table 2.docx


What Matters to you?

SurveyCover-colourIn February 2015, West Sussex County Council will set its budget for the forthcoming year. To ensure their budget reflects what is important to the 800,000 residents that they work for and provide services to, they have launched a county-wide consultation called ‘What Matters To You?’. If you live in West Sussex, you are invited to give your views and help to shape the 2015/16 budget. They’re asking what matters most to you when it comes to the services that you want your council tax spent on? And how much council tax are you willing to pay to fund them? You can find out more about at or complete the survey at




Ofsted Rate West Sussex Alternative Provision Centre as ‘Good’

Following the two day Ofsted inspection on 8th and 9th July, we have great pleasure in announcing that our college has been rated as ‘Good’ overall.  This is an excellent result to build upon and further develop what we believe will ultimately become an excellent provision.
Inspectors observed 17 lessons, met with students, teachers, senior leaders, the governing body and representatives from the local authority and the final report published on 4th September said WSAPC is a good school where the needs of individual pupils are considered effectively.  It reports:
‘teaching is good. The work given to pupils takes good account of what they already know and can do. This supports their re-engagement with education well.’
‘pupils make good progress at the college. This includes more able pupils as well as those who have a home-based or virtual learning programme. Pupils of all ages typically learn at a good pace in a range of subjects. Some pupils make outstanding progress in lessons and over time’, and ‘those pupils who successfully return to mainstream schools are well prepared to continue their studies.’
The Co-Head Teachers, Sheila Carroll and Doug Thomas, are extremely pleased to receive a good report after just one year and stated:
“The comments of the inspection team make very pleasant reading and reflect the excellent commitment and teamwork that is embedded in all centres in order to maximize the outcomes for our students.”
“Congratulations and thanks go to all staff and students who made this GOOD judgment possible.”
The full OFSTED report can be accessed by clicking here (Ofsted Inspection 2014).
Should you wish to comment on the report, please do so via our contact page.