Worthless? Worth Enough?

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WSAPC Explores Academisation

WSAPC is formally exploring appropriate MAT partners with experience in Alternative Provision, with a view to convert to Academy Status for September 2017.

The Governing Body and Co-Headteachers of WSAPC will engage with stakeholders as we move through the academisation process and we will be putting in place communication to answer any questions you may have. In the short term, any questions should be emailed to schannon@wsgfl.org.uk.

“WSAPC are passionate about securing the best education and support for some of the most vulnerable children and young people across West Sussex. We strongly believe that converting to a sponsor with a tried and tested AP experience will support us with our vision, support us on building our good OFSTED status to outstanding and more importantly to improve opportunities for all pupils who access our provision.”

Vicki Illingworth – Chair of Governors

Lots Has Been Happening at WSAPC Littlehampton!

A number of students have recently taken to photography with some pretty impressive results. With a team of budding photographers, you don’t have to walk far down the corridor to see some of the amazing work that’s been completed. Students are engaged in the lessons, actively getting involved in using the cameras and soaking up what’s on offer. They are learning about different lenses and different photography techniques. The students have a ‘Dark Room’ visit planned for the New Year, and this is just the start for them!
The Outdoor Education team has recently visited us and met with a small group of students who they’ll be working with in the New Year. These students are already really excited about the Friday sessions they are about to start and we hope this will be the start of a regular arrangement for our students.
A number of our students attend college and work experience 1 day a week. The feedback from both college and work experience providers has been really positive. The difference it’s making to individual students is brilliant – they are more focussed on their future plans and are really enjoying the change of scenery.
As part of our plan to share positive news stories and success, we have just had some ‘all singing all dancing’ interactive screens fitted in our reception and kitchen areas. The plan is for us to showcase our students’ work, their reward points and all the fantastic things happening in centre throughout the term.
Our careers advisor has been working closely with Year 11 students to support and help them make important decisions about their future plans. Students have responded well to the visits, and the next step is for them to make college applications ahead of September 2017.
Our local neighbourhood schools officer, PC Bishop, has visited us a couple of times this term and has spent time working with students on different aspects of the law. There have been some interesting discussions and it’s been great for students to be able to ask questions they have and find out more about the things that affect them in their lives. We’ve also been visited by our School Nurses who have talked to our students about a number of topics. We are looking forward to these visits continuing throughout the year.