School Funding- A Guide For Parents

Please read the  attached letter and guide entitled Education on the Doorstep from our Co-Head Teachers Doug Thomas and Sheila Carroll regarding the issue of school funding. We hope you will find these informative.

The Tree Has Been Planted!

Further to our news item on Thursday, the yew was planted by Mr Bill Puttock, a neighbour who attended Worth Annex when it was a primary school. Those who came had the opportunity to talk about their memories of Worth Annex over a cup of tea and buns made by the students and had a tour of the building. Some neighbours even brought along photographs. It was amazing for our pupils attending the school in the present day to get the opportunity to talk with people who had attended in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.


Tree Planting at WSAPC Crawley

WSAPC Crawley is the current custodian of The Worth Annex, the former primary school on Turners Hill Road. We are proud to use a building associated with educating children since 1852 and recognize many in our community will have memories and links with the school.

We are inviting our neighbours and those associated with the school building to a special event on Friday 24th March at 3pm. The Conservation Foundation has donated a Yew tree for us to plant in the school grounds. Our tree has been propagated from a 1000 year old specimen and will hopefully grow on the school site for the next 1000 years!

We will be having a planting ceremony and cup of tea afterwards and we are hoping that lots of people from the community attend. This will provide us with the opportunity to talk about our memories of Worth Annex and have a little tour of the building. Please bring along photos or anything that explores the history of the school.

Staff and students at WSAPC look forward to welcoming you on Friday 24th March.