Update On Fair and Adequate School Funding

Please read the attached letter from Doug Thomas and Sheila Carroll, our Co-Headteachers, which gives an update on the campaign to secure fairer funding for our schools.

There are national and regional parental groups that are keen to gain your support, including ‘Fair Funding for all Schools’ and ‘Save our Schools’. Links to their websites can be found in the letter.

Things Which Make It All Worthwhile

Working in an Alternative Provision setting can sometimes be challenging, but our staff will tell you that our work is also extremely rewarding. Our team at Chalkhill Education Centre recently received this lovely card from an ex- pupil.

School Funding- A Guide For Parents

Please read the  attached letter and guide entitled Education on the Doorstep from our Co-Head Teachers Doug Thomas and Sheila Carroll regarding the issue of school funding. We hope you will find these informative.