Adverse Weather Procedure


In the event of disruption caused by adverse weather conditions (ie heavy snow), the prime concern of WSAPC will always be the safety of the pupils and staff.  The decision whether or not to send a pupil to one of our Centres if it remains open to learners during poor weather conditions must be at the discretion of the parents/carers, taking into account factors such as local road conditions and the availability of childcare.

The WSAPC aims to remain open in the event of adverse weather conditions.  We feel this is important for those parents who are relying on us to provide for their children in term time. In the event of extreme conditions, we cannot guarantee a normal school day.

However, there are certain factors which may lead to a WSAPC Centre closing, such as whether:

logo there are enough members of staff to be able to provide satisfactory care;

logo the severity of the weather conditions is on such a major scale that it is unlikely that many people will be able, physically, to make it into the college;

logo the college can provide lunch for the pupils;

logo the college grounds are sufficiently safe for pupils, parents/carers and staff;

logo the college has sufficient heating;

logothe college has lighting and hot water across the site;

logoexternal agencies, e.g. police, local government, motoring organisations, etc, are advising against school travel in the relevant region.

logoTaxi companies/bus routes are able to operate.

If the Centre your child attends is to be open, we will post this on the website as soon as possible and normally by 7.00am on the day as well as notifying you of this by Parentmail.

If, for the reasons outlined above, the safest or most expedient judgment is to close the Centre your child attends, a ‘Closure Day’ will be declared and we will post this on the website as soon as possible and normally by 7.00am on the day as well as notifying you of this by Parentmail.

Closure notices will also be made available on the West Sussex County Council website:

and local radio stations and news bulletins.

When checking websites regularly, please remember to refresh for updates.

The series of frequently asked questions below should answer any queries.

Will parents/carers be contacted in the event of adverse weather conditions?

Our website  should be consulted regularly.   Remember to refresh for updates.  We will also endeavour to contact parents/carers via Parentmail to ensure a clear message is sent.

Do I need to contact the Centre my child attends?

If the WSAPC Centre is classed as ‘open’ but parents/carers decide not to send their child, please contact the relevant unit to inform them of absence (see contact details on our website).

To travel to school or not?

Parents/carers have to decide whether it is safe and desirable for them to make the journey into the WSAPC.

Will you close all WSAPC Centres?

We will always endeavour to keep all our Centres open but their geographical location may affect the ability to continue teaching in a Centre as weather conditions affect Centres differently.  For example, if weather conditions are poor in Crawley and a decision is made to close the Crawley Centre, this does not necessarily mean any other Centre will close.  We will ensure information on our website and messages to parents/carers clearly state which Centres are closing and which remain open to students.

What will happen if weather conditions worsen during the school day?

If weather conditions deteriorate during the school day we may take the decision to close the college earlier than usual.  This would be communicated to you via the website, Parentmail and telephone call.  If pupils travel to their Centre by taxi, changes to taxi timetables will be made by the WSAPC.

If adverse weather conditions are forecast please ensure that you are checking the website and parentmail messages regularly and that you have made available to the WSAPC an emergency contact number so we can advise you of any early closures.

If, in the event of an early closure, parents/carers wish to collect pupils from one of our Centres they are welcome to do so, but please ensure you inform a member of staff before leaving to ensure effective recording.  Staff will supervise pupils until parents/carers or taxis are able to get to the college, but please remember that members of staff will also be anxious to get home if the weather and road conditions are poor.