C1. Enhance opportunities to support pupils' social and emotional development

C1.1 Cook and Eat programme in all centres Complete

C1.2 Therapeutic interventions such as Art, Drama or Play are available to pupils Complete

C1.3 Counselling available to pupils Complete

C1.4 SEN intervention and assessment are part of the ‘norm’

C1.5 Establish school council as a mechanism for Pupil Voice

C1.6 Purchase and promote SHARP System as a tool to enable pupil voice  Complete

C2. Develop and deliver a more in-depth programme for Personal development that supports positive outcomes for life for young people

C2.1 Focused personal Development curriculum with strong links to careers and employability as well as healthy lifestyles and informed choice making Complete

C2.2 Workshops away from the timetable to support opportunities for Personal Development Complete

C2.3 Careers Strategy including guidance mentoring and Enterprise and post 16 tracking Complete

C2.4 Internal accreditation and certificate of achievements to promote a sense of achievement, reintegration evidence for mainstream school to show students are addressing their issues Complete

C2.5 Explicit PSHE carousel where staff focus on educating children in key areas of drugs, anger etc. – With internal accreditation Complete

C2.6 Development of partnership working with agencies such as Barnados, NSPCC, LEA and Police  Complete

C3. To review, adapt and evidence opportunities for enrichment and intervention available for children and young people at APC to compliment the overall offer

C3.1 Establish whole school responsibility for AHT to develop, adapt and respond to the needs of pupils Complete

C3.2 develop whole school enrichment programmes in all settings Complete

C3.3 Adapt timetables to support enrichment activities Complete

C3.4 AHT lead for SEN to establish a robust programme of interventions to support the academic, social and behavioural progress and achievement of pupils Complete

C3.5 Embed the SEN code of practice across the school

C4. Embed an ethos of responsibility and respect to enable pupils to become active citizens who contribute positively to society

C4.1 Ensure PSHE is delivered in all settings and responds to the developments in this area Complete

C4.2 All centres to have established code of conduct which reflects the expectation of the school  Complete

C4.3 All staff to effectively engage with and promote positive behavioural leadership qualities Complete

C4.4 Curriculum supports and promotes the pupils understanding of where they are as global citizens Complete