B1. Consistently apply inclusive approaches that promote high expectations in behaviour and conduct across the school

B1.1 Capturing success on a weekly basis  Complete

B1.2  Raise self-worth and belief  Complete

B1.3 Daily celebration of successes Success wall on website Complete

B1.4 Setting weekly rewards published on website Complete

B1.5 Behavioural Management as part of the on going CPD focus Complete

B1.6 Emotional Resilience programme Complete

B1.7 Whole school rewards –  to develop inter-centre attendance charts and progress charts to encourage an atmosphere of friendly competition within the college Complete

B2. Pupil and parents are part of the wider APC community and engage with the values of the school to promote positive pupil outcomes

B2.1 AHT responsibility for Parent Partnership  Complete

B2.2 All centres to have clear lines of communication with parents that promotes engagement  Complete

B2.3 Social events with staff, pupils and parents in place across the year

B2.4 Forge links within the local community to establish productive relationships that benefit pupils  Complete

B2.5 Create opportunities to deliver parental support through sessions or Parent groups.

B3. Develop a culture and ethos that challenges pupils to reflect and improve behavioural choices

B3.1 Preparedness for reintegration

B3.2 Environment conducive to positive behaviour and attendance by all Complete

B3.3 Consistent approaches to behavioural management Complete

B3.4 Establishing a framework that enable pupils to reflect on their choices and develop strategies that will support choices beyond the school Complete

B3.5 Resilience programmes enable pupils to take responsibility for own choices Complete

B3.6 Promotion of school community and heightened sense of pupil belonging Complete