With Christmas holidays fast approaching, I would like to take this time to thank you for your support with our college.

Whether it is support as being a pupil, parent, friend of the community or governor, I would like to personally say well done for a successful start to our academic year.

Last year’s results from our year 11 leavers show us that our pupils can achieve well in our college.  We were well above the national average in most of the GCSE categories compared to other AP schools.  This isn’t easily achieved and it takes a special type of team to get the results that we had last year and it will be a special team to continue our upward trajectory for this year.

So then, who is on the team?

It starts with the pupils.  The most important part of the team, as good decision making on behaviour, good effort in all lessons and having an open mind to education again, makes your part of the team the most crucial in order for us to succeed as a school.

Next comes the parents and carers.  Supporting us and working with us in order to achieve your child’s full potential is key.  Celebrating success, supporting us in redirecting and refocusing your child back into good educational routines and ensuring that your children are ready and willing to learn is so important to us.

Last but not least we have our staff, who will continue to deliver interesting educational activities to your children coupled with supporting them in times of need in a variety of ways.

How does the team play effectively?  We “play” by making sure that we get your children into centre / to access the lessons, we behave in a reasonable way that shows respect to others at all times, we try our best and we try new things and new ways to succeed in education.

I will make sure that our college will try its very best in getting your children into centre so that they can learn and focus on the future.  I am asking you all to support us in making sure that we are all on the team by accepting the responsibilities that your children are attending at all times and that they are making good choices in terms of respecting our community.  From time to time there will be blips!  We are human beings and we are always going to make mistakes.  But with your help, we will succeed.

Wishing you all a very peaceful winter break and a safe one.

Warm regards

Doug Thomas