Vaccination against infectious diseases is one of the most successful Public Health interventions which is universally offered and gives protection against potentially fatal diseases for the whole of our population.

In secondary schools in West Sussex the HPV vaccination is currently offered to year 8 girls, for protection against viruses that can cause cancer and genital warts. The Teenage Booster vaccinations are also offered- one protects against Tetanus, Diphtheria and Polio, all of which, thanks to vaccinations, are almost never seen in the UK these days. The other protects against Meningitis strains A, C, W and Y. Public Health England have seen a recent rise in the number of cases of meningitis W in teenagers and young adults. This important vaccine was introduced to stop children becoming ill and dying from this preventable disease.

Sussex Immunisation Service has put together a very short survey to try and get ideas for how they could improve communication with parents and carers, and the consent process for vaccinations. Have your say by completing the short 8 question survey

The survey is open now and will close on 07/04/2019. Please click the link below and complete the survey.